Where to look

Wildlife is everywhere, in fact you don't have to leave your house as most houses have the occasional fly or spider. But look out of the window and you will see birds and if you have a garden there will be birds, butterflies and other insects there.

Broad Oak Park

Out and about in Bexhill there are open spaces such as Galley Hill and Broad Oak Park that are full of wild plants and wild animals and what you can find is ever-changing with the seasons. Even formal gardens, such as Manor Barn, attract lots of birds and insects. There are a number of woods dotted around Bexhill and they have their own population of wild plants and animals. If you look carefully even the streets and alleyways can hold surprises. Then, of course, being a seaside town there is the beach with a quite different set of things to discover.

This section aims to introduce some of the main places you can visit but they are not the only places. You may well find somewhere near where you live that is a little oasis for nature.